Amy Witte – Coach

Amy grew up living in the gym as a competitive gymnast.  After graduating high school, she used her gymnastics to become a collegiate cheerleader.  From there, Amy developed a love for running.  She completed many 5 and 10K’s and ran in the Houston Chevron Half Marathon.  As a way to break up the monotony of running, Amy tried Bikram Yoga which she passionately pursued for a couple of years before she found CrossFit.  After her first WOD, she felt like she had finally found the missing puzzle piece!  Amy loves that CrossFit uses strength, gymnastics, and endurance to give you a fantastic workout!  She also loves the constantly varied workouts, but the community aspect of CrossFit is her favorite.  As her passion grew, she felt drawn to get her certification so she could help others realize the benefits that CrossFit has provided her.